Cedar ...A taste of Lebanon 
32 Carlisle Road Derry Bt486JW 
Reservations via TEXT on 07845672811  or call 02871373868 

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Cold Meza £5.99pp

  1. Babagahnosh ^: Delicious smoked roasted eggplant with garlic, sesame paste, olive oil and seasoning
  2. Hummus ^: Fresh puréed chick peas with sesame paste, garlic lemon and olive oil
  3. Labney ^: Strained thick yogurt drizzled in olive oil with seasoning
  4. Vine Leaves ^: Hand rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, mint, lemon and parsley
  5. Dressed olives and pickles ^
  6. Tabbouli ^: Parsley, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, spring onions, lebanese seven spices and olive oil 
  7. Fattoush ^:Fresh crispy mixed peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and onions drizzled in garlic, lemon, olive oil, sumek spice and crispy pitta chips 
  8. Lebanese Salad ^: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and mint, with traditional lebanese salad dressing 
  9. Cabbage Salad ^: White cabbage drizzled with traditional lebanese salad dressing 
  10. Cucumber and Mint Yogurt Salad ^
  11. Fried Aubergine with Taratour Dip ^
  12. Fried crispy Cauliflower with Taratour Dip
  13. Cedar Black Eye Bean Salad^: with tomato and onions drizzled in traditional lebanese salad dressing

    Hot Meza £6.99pp
    1. Falafel ^: Chick peas and fava beans served with a taratour dip
    2. Manakish ^: Mini flat dough with mixed herbs, sesame and olive oil
    3. Vegetable Mini Manakish ^: Mini flat dough with mixed herbs, sesame tomatoe, onion and olive oil
    4. Mini Beef Manakish: Crispy flat pitta with minced beef parsley onion and spices
    5. Sambousik: dough filled with a meat filling
    6. Spinach Fatayer ^: Shaped dough filled with spinach onion and spices
    7. Haloumi Cheese Salad ^: Haloumi on dressed salad leaves
    8. Mun jad dra ^: Lentils with rice cooked in seven spices
    9. Patata Harra ^: Spicy thin sliced potatoes drizzled in hara hot sauce
    10. Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings: dressed in a spicy harra sauce

    Meza Table Starter* £9,00pp (minimum 2 people)
    Choose 3 cold and 2 hot Meza dishes 

    *Meza Table special only available when ordering  a main course 

    Main Course    

    All served on a bed of Cedar Style Rice with toasted almonds and house salad 


    • Shis Taouk £16.95

    Grilled skewers of marinated chicken

    • Chicken Shawarma £16.95

    Marinated chicken strips in Lebanese 7spice

    • Kafta £16.95

    Skewers of minced beef with parsley onion & spices

    • Lahem Meshwi £17.95

    Skewers of marinated minted lamb

    • Lamb Shawarma £17.95

    Marinated lamb strips in Lebanese 7spice

    • Mixed Grill £18.95

    Skewers of Lamb Meshwi, Chicken Shish Touk & Beef Kafta

    • House Special Kibbeh £17.95

    Baked meatloaf layered with diced beef, onion, nuts, spices & pomegranate- served with a minted cucumber salad


    • Samka Hara £17.95

    Sautéed salmon served with hot chilli tahini sauce & topped with almonds

    • Prawns £17.95

    Sautéed with mixed peppers, onions, coriander, garlic, ginger & lemon

    • Sea Bass £17.95

    Sautéed & served with artichoke mixed peppers & olives


    • Lebanese Mousaka ^£16.95

    Sautéed aubergine & chickpeas slow baked with onion, tomato & spices

    • Munjadra ^£16.95

    Lentils with rice cooked in 7spice topped with caramelised onion

    • Mixed Meza ^ £17.95

    A vegetarian delight- choose any 3 cold & 2 hot from the meza menu

    Side Orders £4.99

    • Patata Hara ^
    • Cedar chilli potato cubes ^
    • Hand cut chips ^
    • Lebanese salad ^ olive oil, garlic, lemon dressing

    • Lebanese Pita Bread £3.50

    Dips £2.50

    • Taratour ^crushed sesame with garlic, olive oil & lemon
    • Garlic ^crushed garlic in olive oil & hot chilli’s
    • Minted Yogurt ^

    Dessert: £6.99

    • Tray Bake Special- selection of Lebanese treats (Baklawa)
    • Maamoul- date filled pastry served with ice- cream
    • Ice Cream- vanilla ice-cream topped with rose syrup, coconut & nuts
    • Dessert of the day

    ^ for Vegetarians- Lebanese cuisine can contain a number of allergens therefore we cannot guarantee that our food does not contain: Nuts, Fish, Sesame, Soya, Eggs, Dairy & Pine Nuts. Prices include VAT. Chip & Pin cards are only accepted by using pin number. Cedar does not accept cheques. Service is not included at your own discretion. Thank you from all @ Cedar

    Special Lebanese Taster Meal  £35.00pp 

    Starter:  Selection of Meza

    ~Humous ~Tabouli ~Vine leaves 

    ~Falafel ~ Manakish (Beef or Veg) ~Seasoned fried cauliflower

    Main: Selection of skewersserved with Cedar Rice, potata hara & house salad

    ~Chicken-Skis Taouk


    ~Lamb Meshwi

    *vegetarian option available

    Dessert: Lebanese Tray Bake



    ~Soft Drinks £2.95

    ~Fresh Lemonade £2.95

    ~Lebanese Jallab £2.95

    ~Tea/Coffee £2.95

    ~Liqueur coffee£5.99 

    ~Corkage £2pp