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Mezza to start is the heart and sole of Lebanese food it is a must try in any Lebanese restaurant variety is the key ...

All Mezza Dishes served with warm pitta bread fresh from our stone oven  £4.95 each dish

Cold Mezza

  1. Babagahnosh ^: Delicious Smoked Roasted eggplant with garlic, sesame paste, olive oil and seasoning
  2. Hummus ^: Fresh Puréed chick peas with sesame paste, garlic lemon and olive oil
  3. Labney ^: Strained thick yogurt drizzled in Olive Oil with seasoning
  4. Vine Leaves ^: Hand rolled Vine Leaves stuffed with rice, mint, lemon and parsley different but good
  5. Olives ^: A mixture of seasoned black and green olives
  6. Tabbouli ^: Exquisite Lebanons favourite Salad of Parsley, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, spring onions, lemon spices and olive oil A wonderful burst of fresh flavours
  7. Fattoush ^:Fresh Crispy coloured Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and onions drizzled in garlic, lemon, olive oil, Lebanons favourite spice samek and crispy pitta chips all mixed togeather just devine…
  8. Lebanese Salad ^: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and mint, with traditional lebanese salad dressing ,so fresh so good…
  9. Cabbage Salad ^: White cabbage drizled with traditional lebanese salad dressing  fresh and crispy deliciously good and compliments munjaddra (available on the hot Meza or as a vegaterian main course)
  10. Cucumber and Mint Yogurt Salad ^:naturally good for you
  11. Fried Aubergine with Taratour Dip ^: also known as eggplant, rich in taste and flavour
  12. Fried crispy Cauliflower with Taratour Dip ^:different and delicious
  13. Cedar Black Eye Bean Salad^: with tomato and onions drizzled in traditional lebanese salad dressing

    Hot Mezza

    1. Falafel ^: A unique mouth-watering falafel to Cedar chick peas and fava beans with coriander all combined together fried and cooked fresh to order served with a taratour dip simply devine!
    2. Manakish ^: Mini flat dough with mixed herbs, sesame and olive oil
    3. Vegetable Mini Manakish ^: Mini flat dough,with mixed herbs, sesame tomatoe, onion and olive oil
    4. Feta Cheese Manakish ^: Mini flat dough with tomatoes and chilli peppers
    5. Mini Beef Manakish: Crispy flat Pitta with minced beef parsley onion and spices topped with lemon and Pitta
    6. Sambousik: dough filled with a choice of cheese (^) or meat filling
    7. Spinach Fatayer ^: Shaped Dough filled with spinach onion and spices
    8. Chicken Liver: Sautéed With onion, garlic,lemon juice and pomegranate
    9. Cedar Style Hummus: Fresh hummus garnished with warm beef and pine nuts 
    10. Haloumi Cheese Salad ^: Hot salty cheese on dressed salad leaves so good
    11. Mun jad dra ^: Lentils with rice cooked in seven spices full of goodness and flavour delicious with white cabbage salad!!
    12. Baked Okra ^: Slow baked in the oven With onion spices and rich tomato sauce
    13. Patata Harra ^: Spicy thin sliced potatoes drizzled in hara hot sauce
    14. Hot and Spicy chicken Wings with spicy harra hot sauce

    Mezza Special to start : Combine any three cold and  two hot served with complimentary warm pitta bread. 2 sharing £15.00, each additional person £7.00
    Mezza is a must try on any visit to a Lebanese restaurant so be daring go ahead and try you wont regret it …  

    Main Course     All main course served on a bed of Cedar Style Rice with toasted almonds £14.95

    1. Samka Harra: Sautéed salmon served with hot chilli tahini sauce topped with almond
    2. Prawns: sautéed with coriander, garlic ginger and lemon
    3. Sea Bass a chef special with artichoke mixed peppers and olives
    4. Shis Taouk: Grilled skewers of marinated Chicken
    5. Chicken or Lamb Shawarma: Marinated strips of Chicken or Lamb in Lebanese spices
    6. Lahem Meshwi :Skewers of marinated lamb
    7. Kafta: Skewers of minced beef with parsley onion and Lebanese spices
    8. Mixed Grill: Skewer of lamb Meshwi, Chicken Taouk and Kafta 
    9. House Special… Lebanese Kibbeh Saynieh: A Baked meatloaf layered with diced beef, onion, pine nuts, spices and Pomegranate  served with a mint cucumber salad
    10. Lebanese Mousaka ^: Sautéed aubergine and chich peas baked with onion, tomato and spices
    11. Mun jad dra ^: Lentils with rice cooked in seven spices full of goodness and flavour and topped with fried onion
    12. Bamia ^: Baked Okra with coriander, tomatoes, onions and garlic

    Side Orders: £3.50

    1. Patata Hara ^: thinly sliced potatoes fried and served in a hot hara sauce
    2. Cedar fresh hand cut chips ^
    3. Grilled oven baked mediteraine vegetables ^
    4. Lebanese rice ^: Steamed rice in vegatable stock topped with toasted almonds
    5. Lebanese salad ^: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and mint, with traditional lebanese salad dressing
    6. Lebanese warm flat pitta bread ^

    Dips £0.95

    Taratour Dip ^: crushed sesame with garlic, olive oil and lemon

    Garlic Dip ^: crushed garlic with olive oil and lemon

    Minted Yougart ^: fresh natural yougart with mint and seasoning

    Dessert: £3.95

    1. A selection of Lebanese tray bakes
    2. Avocado moose topped with coconut and pistachios
    3. Mamoule shortcrust pastry stuffed with dates and served warm
    4. Ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts

    ^ for Vegetarians.
Lebanese cuisine can contain a number of allergens therefore we cannot guarantee that 
our food does not contain: Nuts, Fish, Sesame, Soya, Eggs, Dairy & Pine Nuts.

    Prices include VAT. 

    Service is not included

    Chip &Pin cards are only accepted by using a pin number

    Cedar does not accept cheques.

    ‘Haflie’ Lebanese sampler menuserved with warm lebanese flat bread  £30.00pp  all inclusive 

    To start: A selection of three cold mezza

    followed by three hot mezza 

    Entrée: A selection of scewers: shisk taouk, kafta and lamb 

    accompanied with cedar rice, patata harra, lebanese salad and dips 

    Vegetarian option available

    To finish: A selection of Lebanese tray bakes, filo pastries stuffed with nuts and honey

    BYOW @ £2.00pp corkage